Life Counter App für MtG
2 Jahren ago

### Added
– Custom backgrounds for your match board: You can now easily use each of your favorite photos from your photo library as the background of your match board

### Changed
– Guilds backgrounds: Choose between Azorius Senate, House Dimir, Selesnya Conclave,
Izzet League, Golgari Swarm, Cult of Rakdos, Simic Combine and Boros Legion
– If you don’t want to use the Guilds backgrounds, disable them in the advanced settings
– Improved slider optic and behavior
– No more interstitial ads while playing

### Removed
– Removed unnecessary plugins to save some space
– Removed all .png graphics. Now there are only .svg images
– Fixed Android bugs
– Fixed a bug that may increase/decrease more points than you want to