Life Counter App für MtG
2 Jahren ago

Release 1.0.1:
– Customizable usernames
– Life Counter supports now iPad and iPad Pro (beta)
– Decide if the match timer should reset automatically when you reset a match
– Set your screen brightness direct through the app for saving battery
– Show or hide status bar – It’s your choice now
– Played some MTG matches with friends
– Fancy dice roll functions
– Higher contrasts and slightly bigger fonts/icons
– Tap and hold to continuously increase or decrease lifepoints
– Option to roll dices on round start automatically
– Missing translations were added
– Haptic feedback for most Apple Devices
– Game Over Detection
– Automatic Stopwatch starts when you start playing
– Customizable designs for each player
– Customizable maximum life points
– Customizable minimum/maximum players
– Supports 1-4 Players
– Multi-language support for German and English